About us

About us

Make Technology Accessible

Keystone IT Solutions is a technology startup providing software solutions for businesses to modernize operations, as well as a full suite of IT learning services for students and the digital workforce.

Keystone goal is to be a premier IT hub in West Texas to enable IT, connect and partner with local organizations & educational institutes to make a positive impact in the local community.


Technology has become an important part of corporate growth in today's digital economy. Many local businesses in the West Texas region require IT services and IT personnel as part of their expansion plans.

Organizations in need of software development services seek out IT providers in large cities, which raises project costs and delays new projects. Companies looking to hire IT professionals are unable to fill vacancies due to a scarcity of qualified personnel.

Being a native of West Texas and having worked in IT for over 15 years at two large firms, I've noticed that we don't have an IT environment that produces IT specialists, and there aren't enough software development companies to support enterprises' IT endeavors.

Solution: Through our software development services, Keystone will work as a technology partner with local firms to lead IT innovation, and we will fill the demand for qualified IT experts through our training program.

Meet The Team

Venu Yankarla

Senior IT Executive

Omar Rosas

Software Engineer